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Product Info:

Model - T14 Electric Foldable Bike

Gears - Single Speed

Frame Material - Steel

Wheel Size - 14"

Voltage - 48v

Power Supply - Lithium Battery

Braking System - Disc Brakes

Battery Capacity - 10Ah

Motor Position - Rear Hub Motor

Battery Position - Down Tube

Tyre Width - 14"

Range - 35km

Max Speed 30-50km/h

Folding BIke

Battery 48v 10Ah

Motor Power - 250W

Make/Model - Engwe T14


We recommend that Helmet and Gloves are advisable when using electric mobility bike or scooter.

It’s not cool to bang your head!?

Click Screen for More Info - SPRING SPECIAL PRICE T14 Foldable Bike

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